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Current Capability & Investment

Focused in Producing High Precision Machined Components for Oil and Gas Industry

Proven Capability – Fabrication

Proven Capability ​– Metal Shop

Other Machines:

Future Investment

Mazak - Variaxis i-600

  • Next generation 5-axis Machining Center with the lates CNC system.
  • High accuracy, high speed, and high productivity
  • Compact spindle minimizes workpiece interference.
  • Wide Y-axis stroke allows tools to be changed without returning tilting table to zero position.

Hass VF-6 Vertical Machining Center

  • Combines innovative design principles, unique control features and quality construction to make it simple, versatile, and affordable.
  • Easy to use without referencing the manual.
  • Using steps that are logical to operate.
  • Utilizing built-in software that makes producing parts – not programming – the operator’s key thought.
  • Built using a wide-base, cast iron frame.
  • Yields rigidity and damping beyond that of machines using fabricated or weldment frames.

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